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Advocate for Emotional Well-Being: Recognizing Loneliness and Implementing Solutions

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“The quality of people’s relationships is the single clearest predictor of physical health, longevity, and quality of life.” –Harvard Study

2020 has been a particularly tough year that brought transition for many of us to more isolated environments both mentally and physically. During this session, Olivia Ash, Esq., MS shares her insight from over 15 years of experience to help us better understand, recognize, and manage circumstances and behaviors that may impact emotional well-being.


Nov 13 2020


Eastern Time
9:00 am - 10:00 am


Employee Benefits,
Registration Closed.


  • Olivia Ash, Esq., MS
    Olivia Ash, Esq., MS
    Founder, Liv Balanced, LLC

    Olivia Ash, Esq., MS, brings fifteen years of teaching & management experience to well-being education. After receiving her BS in Exercise Science and MS in Physical Education, Olivia spent a decade advising employers on wellness program management. Olivia is an Indiana-licensed attorney serving as Associate General Counsel for The Capstone Group, specializing in ERISA compliance for benefit plans. Olivia is an award-winning writer, researching the experience of loneliness. Olivia is an experienced educator, holds an Indiana state teaching license, and serves as Adjunct Faculty at the Indiana University School of Health and Human Sciences. Liv paints abstract art and enjoys outdoor road cycling.

    Liv Ash, Esq., MS
    Founder, Liv Balanced, LLC
    Lifestyle Wellness
    Attorney, ERISA Compliance
    The Capstone Group
    Adjunct Faculty, Indiana University
    Licensed Teacher, State of Indiana

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