Diligent, Active Listeners

JA believes in the concept of working smart, strategically, passionately and compassionately to attain results for clients. To fulfill that belief, the team at JA must start every relationship by being diligent, active listeners ensuring the client vision, goals, pains and needs are accounted for in the strategic JA approach. No two clients are identical and therefore JA does not make assumptions or replications. JA treats each client relationship as the most valuable asset and has deep respect for the unique attributes of each.

Innovative Solution Creators

JA doesn't just solve problems; JA creates solutions that are meaningful and long-lasting. We take great pride in setting good ideas into meaningful motion. At JA, we innovate real solutions with clear, actionable strategies that produce measurable results. Because JA is dedicated to delivering in consistent, quantifiable, meaningful impact, our innovative solutions directly and effectively target your problems of today, the risks of tomorrow and the complexities of your future.

Quantifiable & Meaningful

JA seeks to engage with organizations that are looking towards their future and envision success. JA believes that success is a measured result determined by the vision of the pursuer. After all, success is a journey that results in a meaningful outcome only if you and those on the journey with you agree on the definition of success. Therefore, we define your measure of success in the very beginning stages providing a rock solid foundation for Return on Relationship.

It’s Time To Evolve® Your Benefits.

Finding a clear difference in employee benefit providers can be difficult if you are simply comparing via a bid in a binder at renewal. JA believes difference is a quality that is experienced not simply a label within a marketing message.

For more than thirty-five years, JA Benefits has partnered with employers to deliver the most competitive group benefit plans. We are licensed to help you with the following types of benefit programs and work with multiple carriers across the country to bring you the right solution.

  • Medical
  • Prescription
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Health Reimbursement Accounts Health Savings Accounts
  • Group Life & AD&D Insurance
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Disability Voluntary Insurance (Term Life, Whole Life, Accident, Critical Illness, Long Term Care)
  • Retirement Plans
  • Wellness Programming
  • Onsite Clinic Strategy and Support
  • Employee Education

With JA our difference equates to real action and meaningful outcomes for our clients.  We have a profound strength in our desire to listen to you in order to incorporate your unique vision and goals effectively. We are not an off-the-shelf solution or a simple transactional broker. We are your partner. Our focus stays on what is best for you and actions that can be taken to drive our relationship progressively that are meaningful to you and your employees from the initial handshake to the delivery of results today, tomorrow and in the future.

What Does It Look Like To Evolve® Your Benefits?

It is truly Evolutionary. Get to know our Evolution® process. One that puts you into a positive of control and proactive engagement as opposed to reactive chaos. Evolution® serves to provide a clearly defined success journey for each individual client that incorporates your specific company goals while providing quantifiable outcomes that align with what success means to you.

Begin The Evolution®

You deserve more than just ROI ...Our process has purpose.

Demonstrating the difference in delivering far-reaching results that go beyond just the bottom line, we believe in all that matters beyond the policy. Understanding that you are not just another line on a spreadsheet is core to the JA difference.

We look at your big picture to ensure outcomes are relevant and meaningful.

Experience ROR®