Data is only as powerful as it is relevant. One of the super powers of Analyze® is the depth in which JA experts can drill down into the data to finite detail to ensure the comparative data is relevant to your unique traits as an organization. This capability ensures the outcomes are meaningful and measurable by identifying cost drivers, trends and savings opportunities.


Analyze® produces outcomes that are clearly-defined, well communicated and understandable. From Plan Design Analysis to Budgeting, Contributions and Trend Analysis, from Renewal Analysis to Stop Loss Analysis, these are just a small sampling of the wide array of analysis tools available thought our Analyze® Actuarial Services.


Analyze® leverages a strategic partnership with Fortune 500 actuarial firm in order for JA to provide the sophisticated outcomes it produces through Analyze®. These services serve as a core component upon which we will devise your strategy for the Journey Ahead.

It's An Opportunity For Meaningful Engagement

JA is able to provide our clients with sophisticated actuarial services. By providing your company with access to data, reports, and analysis, JA helps you maintain your competitive edge at a competitive price. Some of the actuarial services available to our clients include:


  • Benchmarking
  • Plan Design Analysis
  • Budgeting, Contributions and Trend Analysis Renewal Analysis
  • IBNR Reserves
  • Stop Loss Analysis
  • FSA Assist Programs
  • Self-Funded Feasibility Analysis
  • PPO Network Discount Analysis
  • FASB 106/GASB 45 Valuations
  • FAS 112 Valuations
  • Research Reports and News Bulletins Claims Data Analysis

JA provides employer groups with tools for consistent year-to-year data, reporting formats, and comparative benchmarks. We believe that the best decisions regarding your health plan design will be based on careful observations of trends, utilization patterns, and normative comparisons over multiple years. We are confident that our claims data analysis services will help us produce the results necessary to consistently meet your employee medical benefits objectives.

Do You Have Access To Actionable Data?

Everyone accumulates data everyday within their organization, but not too many people have access to the tools, expertise and technology to leverage that data in a beneficial way.  It’s time to put your data to work for your bottom line – Analyze® your data today!

Analyze® your Data

INSIGHT® Customizable Benchmarking Makes Relevant, Actionable Data Possible

Goodbye meaningless rows of spreadsheet data and long, confusing lists of comparisons. JA Benefits believes data should be valuable; not complicated. Insight® provides clear benchmarking data and comparisons that are easy to interpret, accessible to incorporate strategically, and actionable. See how every aspect of your benefits program measures up with an unmatched level of granularity against plan data from a wide variety of employer sizes, industries and plan types; locally, regionally and nationally.

Exclusively delivered by JA.

Gain Insight®