Proactive with Purpose

JA believes in being proactive with purpose. This means that we communicate compliance updates to you when they are timely and relevant to your organization. Our goal is to streamline the communications so they are easy to understand, refreshing (rather than frustrating) to receive accompanied by the expert guidance needed to implement.


Real-time, proactive communication is key to confident compliance. We make sure we are keeping you informed of updates that are pertinent to you; letting you know when actions or decisions may be required based on industry changes preventing you from feeling like you must Navigate® it all by yourself in a sea of uncertain sources and daily changing headlines.

We Lead

JA builds strategic relationships and partnerships that demonstrate our commitment to being the voice of leadership in the industry through the sharing of expertise, as well as proactively fostering the growth in knowledge of others around us. JA approaches every relationship, whether internal or external to our organization, with longevity in mind.

You Need The Right Partner For Healthcare’s Ever Shifting Landscape.

Legislative compliance can be burdensome without the right partner. JA delivers confidence and clarity in compliance through our on staff expertise accompanied by a vast selection of resources to keep you informed and prepared.

JA Benefits provides our clients with the exclusive, easy-to-read Legislative Briefs publication that summarizes recent federal legislative developments in insurance and employee benefits, in addition to on-site resources and monthly compliance inbox updates.

JA’s resources engage our clients in a proactive pursuit of knowledge from trusted, industry-best sources and a team of experts you can count on.  These resources include an exclusive set of comprehensive guides to federal legislation including Quick Resources, Related Articles and Q&A on topics such as:

  • HIPAA Privacy
  • Section 125
  • FMLA
  • Healthcare Reform Milestone Manager
  • Navigator®

So whether you want to sit down and develop a plan one on one with an expert, or just jump in and gain knowledge on a particular area of concern directly, JA puts the resources at your fingertips to do so.