Since 1988, JA has delivered difference to the field of  Employee Benefits through truly innovative solutions accompanied by vision, clarity and guidance.

JA is built on a foundation of focused and talented experts. This core strength allows us to deliver an unsurpassed experience for our clients. Through our firm commitment to creating meaningful outcomes, JA engages to help clients understand and experience the difference in having a true benefits partner.

JA believes that each client’s journey has multiple destinations unique to them and that success is determined by not only what we deliver, but in how we get there.

We invite you to experience a true partner for your employee benefits. We invite you to join us for the Journey Ahead.

JA takes actions that are intentional, with a determined value and purpose.  Our logo is no exception. Each part of our logo represents a point of engagement within the JA Evolution® process.
THE SHAPE: The forward angled shape with a wide opened bottom coming to a narrow focus towards the top represents the wide variety of clients that enter into a process defined by JA called Evolution®.  This represents that JA is creating individual, strategic success journeys leading to intentional, focused, meaningful results.
THE POINTS: The JA mark serves as a representation of the actions JA actively pursues as a differentiator. Each point of the mark correlates to a step of the JA Evolution® process and ties into the core characteristics, culture and beliefs of JA as an organization.
THE BACKBONE:  The dark gray ‘backbone’ of the logo represents the people behind JA.  Our people create the JA magic.  They are the structure that makes all of the above points possible.  The JA Team brings strength, integrity and resilience. It is because of the JA Team of people that all of the points along your Journey Ahead are delivered with a measure of unsurpassed excellence.

Strategy Driven.  Future Focused. 

The JA tagline speaks for itself. It was created to represent the clear difference JA delivers. Our tagline accentuates our laser focus on intentional action through innovative strategy.
JA is confident in the results we deliver, believing we offer our clients a clear advantage and an engagement with JA is more likely to lead to successful, meaningful outcomes.
Finally, our tagline is written to demonstrate proactive movement in a future-focused direction, reflecting positive momentum and positive outcomes.

JA Has Character

Diligent, Active Listeners

JA believes in the concept of working smart, strategically, passionately and compassionately to attain results for clients. Being diligent, active listeners ensures the client vision, goals, pains and needs are accounted for in the strategic JA approach.

Innovative Solution Creators

At JA, we innovate real solutions with clear, actionable strategies that produce measurable results. JA is rooted in consistent, quantifiable, meaningful impact. Our innovative solutions directly and effectively target your problems of today, risks of tomorrow and complexities of your future.


JA understands that our work has a ripple effect out to our community through the health and well-being of our client's employees and their families. For that reason, JA considers how each of us on the JA team contributes to ensuring that impact is powerful, meaningful, measurable and reliable.

Communicative & Collaborative

Communication and collaboration are key points with every JA engagement. JA is committed to keeping our clients and their employee population educated and informed on all things Employee Benefits.

Exceptional Leaders

Our leadership is recognized through unsurpassed service, exceptional execution and consistency in delivery. Through our culture, JA encourages, supports and grows leaders with purpose and passion, so that every client interaction is confident, reliable and consistent.

Quantifiable & Meaningful

JA evaluates and approaches clients for who they are as a company and what their specific vision and goals are. This allows JA to accurately measure outcomes that are meaningful, quantifiable measures of success.

INSIGHT® Customizable Benchmarking Makes Relevant, Actionable Data Possible

Goodbye meaningless rows of spreadsheet data and long, confusing lists of comparisons. JA Benefits believes data should be valuable; not complicated. Insight® provides clear benchmarking data and comparisons that are easy to interpret, accessible to incorporate strategically, and actionable. See how every aspect of your benefits program measures up with an unmatched level of granularity against plan data from a wide variety of employer sizes, industries and plan types; locally, regionally and nationally.

Exclusively delivered by JA.

Gain Insight®