Jeff Neal

Partner, Senior Benefits Consultant

Jeff is a Partner and Senior Benefits Consultant at JA Benefits, crafting phenomenal relationships between his clients and partners.

Jeff Neal began his career with JA Benefits in 1993 as a college intern. He became a full-time employee upon graduating from his university in 1994. In the beginning, he worked primarily as a Career Agent with the Indianapolis Life Insurance company, offering life and annuity policies, before being offered – in 2000 – an opportunity to become a partner with the firm.

Jeff graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Indiana University Southeast and has an  extensive expertise in employee benefit consulting and planning.

As a sports fanatic, Jeff takes part in his community by volunteering as the Brownstown Basketball Youth Coach, as well as working as a Brownstown Baseball Association Board Member. He also is a board member for the POPS Club (Parents Offering Positive Support) of the Brownstown Football program.

Jeff and his family enjoy all things outdoors from hiking to improving wildlife habitats. Jeff, his wife, and three boys also partake in the unique hobby of breeding Labrador Retrievers and have two dogs that have obtained “World Champion” status in the hunt trails.