Bedford, IN, February 23, 2021 — The Indiana Chamber of Commerce revealed JA Benefits, LLC has been selected as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana for the 9th straight year in the Small Companies (15-74 employees) category. The selection of Indiana companies making the list were released this week for the 2021 Best Places to Work in Indiana program. The companies selected are thoroughly evaluated including in-depth employee evaluations to measure the companies’ strengths and weaknesses to determine a company’s final ranking, ultimately divided into four categories based on company size. The final ranking is to be released in May 2021.


 “With the extreme and unexpected challenges of 2020, we were delighted to see the program participation level stay relatively flat and that so many Hoosier companies responded to the pandemic in a way that their employees greatly appreciated,” offers Indiana Chamber President and CEO Kevin Brinegar. “Company culture went far beyond the official benefits and perks to worker safety and taking job flexibility to levels that most couldn’t have imagined. All the employers honored should be especially proud to be on the list this year.”


JA Benefits, LLC, after being awarded first place in 2019 and 2020, takes particular pride in this year’s selection, not only for their own ability to rise up in the face of an extremely challenging time for employers but in the company they keep among other selected Indiana organizations. This year, the company now sets its sights on achieving the Pinnacle designation, which can be earned by finishing first in their category three or more times in a five-year period.


“During 2020, our organization challenged ourselves to work with a purpose and strive for meaningful impact, not only in the personal and professional lives of our employees but also in our relationships with our clients we help each and every day,” says Chris Johnson, JA Benefits Partner, Chairman and CEO. “We focused on our foundational values of Relationship, Purpose and Growth; finding ways to amplify our workplace culture at a time when our people, their families and our communities faced new challenges. We knew it was time for evolution and we wanted to ensure the JA culture and community translated to the virtual work environment we found ourselves in.”


JA has embraced the changes hurled at employers during the pandemic providing expanded benefits and flexibility focusing on offering employees the support and encouragement needed to weather the changes, together.


Chris continued, “We are humbled to again be recognized by the Indiana Chamber, but would like to extend our congratulations to the other 124 organizations selected. While this ultimately does shake out as a competition, it is especially encouraging this year to see companies in the face of immense challenges still finding ways to create positive and encouraging workplaces for the employees across Indiana.“


About JA

Since 1988, JA has delivered difference to the field of employee benefits through truly innovative solutions, accompanied by vision, clarity and guidance. Bedford, Indiana-based, JA is one of Indiana’s leading employee benefit consulting firms, specializing in self-funding, as well as fully insured health plans for emerging, mid-market, and large employers. JA is built on a foundation of focused and talented experts. This core strength allows JA to deliver an unsurpassed experience for their clients. Through their firm commitment to creating meaningful outcomes, JA engages to help clients understand and experience the difference in having a true benefits partner. JA believes that each client’s journey has multiple destinations unique to them and that success is determined by not only what JA delivers, but in how they get there. JA invites you to experience a true partner for your employee benefits. Join JA for the Journey Ahead.

JA provides a wide array of client-focused services, including insurance and benefit planning, cost management, performance reporting, compliance services, benefit technology and communications. As well as many professional services, including actuarial services, claims data analysis, legislative compliance, human resources tools, and specialized pharmacy benefits.


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