Every month, we are happy to celebrate a new recipe from one of our outstanding employees. In this month’s Dish, we feature Jeff Neal and his delicious, Traeger Grilled Chicken Wings! Check it out below!

Dine In

Jeff’s favorite Dine In recipe to enjoy with her family is Traeger Grilled Chicken Wings. This is a family favorite year round. He especially enjoys it during football game days, around the pool in the summer and by the fire on a cool spring evening. Heres how he makes it:

Traeger Grilled Chicken Wings


Buy fresh Whole Chicken Wings, prepare wings by separating the drums and flats. Marinate the wings in a type of Cajun marinade sauce. Then  apply a dry rub on the wings made especially for chicken.

Chicken the wings on the smoker at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. I use a combination of Apple and Hickory wood pellets in my smoker. After 30 minutes I generally apply the sauce to the wings. My family likes to make a combination of flavors by sometimes adding buffalo, sweet honey barbecue and spicy barbecue sauces.

To apply the sauce, I put the wings in a stainless steel bowl and pour on the sauce and toss the wings. The wings are then put back on the grill to finish up and firm up the sauce.

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