Tatiana Ritter

Account Manager

Tatiana Ritter is the current Account Manager at JA Benefits.

Delivering synergistic solutions in every interaction with her clients is Tatiana’s ultimate goal. She got started in the benefits arena while in the Human Resources field and due to her love of people, all her jobs have revolved around service and helping others.

Tatiana’s certifications, aside from her Insurance Producer license, are from NESTA and Spencer Institute. She also has a certificate in Health Plan Navigation from the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans, a personal trainer certification, a holistic life coach certification, and is a corporate wellness coach.

Tatiana loves to volunteer at her local animal shelter, schools and Boys & Girls Club. She believes children are the future and wants to help in that arena, wherever possible, as well as participate in anything for the common good of her community.

In her free time, Tatiana enjoys her busy home – with two children, three dogs and a cat and her husband, she is constantly on the go. They love to be outdoors in the woods or in the backyard playing baseball. Tatiana and her husband also love daydreaming of remodels to do to their home. They avidly believe a body in motion stays in motion, so they try to be sure and get out there in the world to explore. Tatiana’s catch phrase is, “Where focus goes, energy flows. There is always a way to improve a problem!”