Brea Blackwell

SBU Coordinator

For nearly 10 years, Brea worked in a home care agency providing billing services through Medicaid, VA, Area Agencies and other private entities. She took a brief hiatus after having her first child before beginning her path to finding her permanent career. She found a new knowledge of insurance and patient needs in an unexpected role with a doctor’s office. That position led Brea to strive toward wanting a deeper contribution in that type of role and being employed at JA.

Brea’s background allows her to have an understanding perspective on the pains of clients. Her attention to detail and the ability to relate to others has helped her provide efficient and timely support to the daily needs of clients, as well as preparing and quoting the best options available for them.

Brea’s catchphrase is “I never forget a face!”

In 2004, Brea received aAcademic Honor’s Diploma from Mitchell High School. Following graduation, she attended ISU. 

Brea and her husband have a special cash stash they love to use in helping others in need around the community. She is especially passionate about helping children in need.

Brea and her husband Josh, a firefighter, have been married for three years. Together, they have one daughter and are currently expecting another little one. Their third “child” Izzy, is their adopted dog and their daughter’s best friend.

In their freetime, they enjoy riding through wooded trails and in the spring her and her family go mushroom hunting.