Laurie Fawver

Solutions Coordinator

Laurie is a Solutions Coordinator at
JA Benefits.

Laurie brings a ‘live life to the fullest’ attitude to Team JA. Her signature catchphrase is “Do what makes you happy and don’t worry about the rest. Time is short so enjoy life!”

Laurie graduated from Brownstown Central in 1978 and in May 2018 she retired from working within the Brownstown Central School Corporation for over 22 years.

Laurie enjoys spending time working with the PALS program, where she and others in her community help young adults with Down Syndrome, and their peers, grow as individuals and build friendships.

Laurie and her husband Todd have three children, Paul (32), Maggy(29) and Sarah(26). A fun fact she likes to share is that all of her children (who have all graduated from Purdue University), were married within six months of each other and to Purdue Graduates!

In their free time, Laurie and her husband enjoy spending time with their dog, Duke, and their nine-month-old granddaughter, Zaya, who is the ‘apple of their eyes’. Outside of family time, Laurie’s favorite things to do are boating on Lake Monroe, antique shopping, and traveling.