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Taking the Insight® survey will help employers effectively benchmark where they need to be in order to remain competitive, manage expenses in innovative ways, and do so with the confidence that options do exist should the plan ever become cost-prohibitive.

As one of the world’s largest health plan surveys and most comprehensive source of reliable benchmarking data, we are working to share our knowledge with our community of employers to:

  • Empower decision making
  • Find baselines for employee benefit strategies that are innovative and effective
  • Leverage this data to more accurately evaluate costs
  • Give employers a distinct competitive edge in recruiting and retaining a superior workforce

The Benefits of Benchmarking


"...diligently and deliberately accounts for all factors impacting ...cost, offering and outcome ..."


"...identifies ... executable action steps to address issues that may be keeping your bottom line inflated..."



"...looks specifically at your big picture...provides a strategy for a new perspective that will prepare you ..."

" cost to go through this process ...this industry is about more than simply providing a return on your investment..."

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