Highlights from 9/25 event:

On 9/25, JA held an impressively attended open discussion to further help employers navigate the impacts and updates of the FFCRA featuring expert Chris Schrader, SPHR of Schrader and Associates. If you missed the event, we have provided resources below for you to download. We invite you to SAVE THE DATE for our next and final 2020 HR Think event on Friday, November 13th.

During this interactive event, we addressed specific questions that were top of mind for many of our attending employers, such as

  • In the event FFCRA does not continue into 2021, should employers consider creating pandemic-specific PTO benefit plans to address potential ongoing childcare issues with possible continued closures, virtual learning, etc?
  • Are school corporations eligible for the FFCRA?
  • Is there a recommended best practice for documentation substantiating PSL?
  • Does the FFCRA apply to public, local, state and/or federal employers?

To learn more about these key points and others, feel free to download the resources from our 9/25 HR Think event below.


HR Think serves to facilitate the sharing of bright ideas and best practices to cultivate success for your employees and organization. Our goal is to provide regular topics/talking points through this forum as a way to begin the conversation, foster the development of creative solutions and encourage continued interactive and meaningful collaboration between peers in our communities.

Often session topics will be best suited for HR professionals, but HR Think will host featured experts on occasion, such as we did on 9/25, whose expertise and insight can benefit all professionals from the C-Suite to HR.



HR Think sessions are far from your traditional webinar or seminar setting. While still in a video conference or virtual format, HR Think is engineered to provide more of an open forum or discussion on a particular topic. Topics chosen are often based on feedback or request of the HR Think community and will focus on a particularly relevant hot button issue, challenging legislative change, frequently asked questions, and more.


HR Think sessions focus on a specific topic for each session. This helps the discussion stay relevant to those that joined, as well as meaningful in the outcomes the discussion produces. The takeaway from HR Think is always actionable in some way, whether it simply sparks new ideas you could implement to improve your workplace or helps you find answers to unique questions that have been otherwise elusive.


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We will be holding one final HR Think for 2020 on Friday, November 13th. We encourage you to join us and this amazing community of forward-thinking professionals.