Join us this month as we highlight our employees who are celebrating their JA anniversary!

We had a great time celebrating our employees who have JA anniversaries this month! Our team got together to celebrate Danielle Hitchcock  for being a part of our JA Magic for 7 YEARS, and Megan Martin for being a part of our JA Magic for 1 YEARS!

Danielle is an Account Manager at JA Benefits. Danielle strives every day to build and strengthen her relationship with each of her colleagues, clients, and their employees, as well as supports clients and prospective clients through the quoting process, renewal process, and provides clear and simplified solutions when complex issues arise. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, gardening, and crafting. She is also an avid antique collector and loves to visit local antique shops in hopes of finding something new for her collection.

Megan is a Small Business Lead at JA Benefits. Megan brings a fresh perspective and strong community ties to JA. Megan started her career at the Bedford Public Library as the Director of Community Engagement. During her time there, she worked closely with many of the organizations in the Bedford community. Megan loves spending time with her husband, Brad, daughter, Reese, and dog, Snuffy. Her and her family enjoy hiking and traveling. Megan currently has traveled to 13 different countries on four different continents!

Happy anniversary Megan and Danielle! We’re so happy to have you both as members of the JA Magic!

JA's November Anniversaries:

Megan Martin  |  1 year at JA

Danielle Hitchcock  |  7 years at JA

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