Join us this month as we highlight our employees who are celebrating a birthday or their JA anniversary!

We had a great time celebrating our employees who have birthdays and JA anniversaries this past Monday! More specifically, our team got together to celebrate Sandi Brinson, Kerry Zoller, Jeff Neal and Doug Johnson, who were celebrated for being a part of our JA Magic for 5, 20, 25 and 31 YEARS!

Sandi joined JA Benefits in January of 2014. She has brought a unique perspective given her prior HR Manager and Director roles.

Kerry joined the JA Benefits team as a part-time employee in 1999. Her primary responsibility is to make sure the agency is paid correctly, while running the day-to-day accounts.

Jeff began his career with JA Benefits in 1993 as a college intern. In the beginning, he worked primarily as a Career Agent with the Indianapolis Life Insurance company, before being offered an opportunity to become a partner with the firm.

Doug is the founder of JA Benefits. His years of experience help clients work effectively towards their employee benefit goals by designing benefit plans that are based on informed choices and clients’ needs.

It was very important to our team that we highlighted and celebrated their amazing achievement as JA Magic team members!

Check out the slideshow below of our office party, celebrating our team members’ birthdays and anniversaries:

JA's January Anniversaries:

Sandi Brinson  |  5 years at JA

Kerry Zoller  |  20 years at JA

Jeff Neal  |  25 years at JA

Doug Johnson  |  31 years at JA

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